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If we wish to pass along the traditional heritage apsects of survival, living with nature, and providing from nature, we need to be able to learn from those who have the expertise and desire to make a transfer of such knowledge.

Joining the NOAAH Registry is a privellege and a responsiblity.  It is a commitment to the next generation, to build our heritage and protect it.

The network matches an experienced individual with a specific learner, 12 years and older wishing to acquire the knowledge and skills of the mentor.

It is expected mentors will commit to a mentorship role for at least a year, providing opportunities related directly to the area of interest specified in the application process..  

It is expected mentors will have the time and resources to commit to a nurturing mentor relationship.   All mentors must lead by example, delivering an ethical, law-abiding mentor lead experience.

Mentors must have proof of required certifications, in good standing, and ensure all proper licenses and tags are acquired for outings.


An interested learner who wishes to obtain knowledge and experience through the guidance of a mentor.

Join the network on a volunteer basis with the understanding there is a level of commitment and an expectation of participation.

Mentees will be matched with mentors based on the results of the application, area of interests and location.

Areas of Mentorship

Long Gun, Pistol, Traditional Bow, Compound Bow, Crossbow, Hunting Techniques, Sporting Clays, Ballistics, Fly Fishing, Spin Fishing, Bait Casting, Beach Fishing, Trolling, Deep Sea Fishing and more.  Learn about habitat, wildlife, wildlife management as while skills and knowledge are passed down.

If you already mentor or are already being mentored, join the registry anyway.  The registry is a away to quantifiable collect data demonstrating the need and the success of mentors in order  to build our conservation community.

What's Next

All applicants, mentors and mentees, will receive a detailed application form and a checklist of paperwork required (Mentor: Criminal Record, Child Abuse Registry and more.) 

There is no formal commitment until the application process is complete.

Individuals can register as both mentors and mentees, depending on the area of interest.  

The Process

Read application thoroughly.

Mentors and Mentees complete online application and submit.  

Mentors are required to obtain a Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry Check..  Supporting documentation for this request is attached at the bottom of this page.  Mentor applications will remain pending until necessary backup is submitted to

Mentee applications will be entered into the database and if a Mentor who has completed the application process is a match you will be notified.

Matching timelines will vary, depending on volunteer applications, area of interest and location.

Process could take between 4-6 weeks.

NOAAH Application

Criminal Records Letter of Request

Present this letter to your local RCMP/Police station to obtain a Criminal Records Check, including vulnerability sector to complete the application process for Mentors.

NOAAH Criminal Records and Vulnerable Sectors check-2019 (pdf)


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